Sunday, January 17, 2016

Random Artist Feature: Queensrÿche (26 MINUTES)

Here's the latest in this new series of Artist Features on YouTube.

I really chose Queensryche to feature next per that large collection of singls/eps/designed Vinyls and posters I acquired in the last 2 years. Most of them from that 1 store out in Eagan, Cedar Cliff Collectibles

The length is also largely a product of the amount, as I would guess if I had just covered my take on each studio record, it would have only been between 10-15 minutes tops.

And I wish I could have found my copy of Promised Land, but I didn't have hours to spend hunting for it among my cds. I found the large books I got when I acquired these 2 200-300 Jukebox cd players from BestBuy in the 90's, but alas, it along with my other Queensryche cds, were not in there.

Per a comment on there and from Jammindude, I recall being urged to check out Condition Human, which I may finally do again. I remember putting it on 1 day this Fall and finding it okay at best. But I suppose part of my issue is, as it's been with other bands, is how similar the singer may sound to Geoff Tate may ruin it for me.

Per the ProgPowerUSA festivals and some of the bands at the early ones I attended, a lot of bands had singers that sounded almost exactly like Geoff Tate, which always ruined their music for me. Even Power of Omens, who I do enjoy, and Zero Hour eventually, both had singers that did, and it was always difficult for me to not be bugged by.

But maybe after all these years, and it actually being Queensryche themselves, may make a difference for me. I guess I'll see.