Friday, January 8, 2016

Brooke Waggoner - Sweven (2015-2016)

1/08/16 1:55PM
Link to STREAM the WHOLE album

The whole thing is there, but I haven't had the chance to check it out yet. I hopefully will be able to later today/tonight.

Hopefully the preorder download links will show up soon, othewise, it's only 7 days away.

12/11/15 11:01PM

New track is quite good. I'm thinking Brooke is going back a bit to her symphonic/classical influenced compositions somewhat for this album, which is definitely a good thing.

Also the track list is now below.

Link to stream "Ovenbird"

Vinyl Preorder


10/14/15 10:37PM

1. Fink
2. Widow Maker
3. Egg Shells
4. Pennies and Youth
5. Proof
6. Sweven
7. Two of a Kind
8. Ovenbird
9. Adults
10. Fellow
11. Cherry-Pick
12. The Splitting of Yourself in Two

What do splinters, mochaccinos, harvest moons, undertakers, and silver scopes have in common?

They all make an appearance as text & story in my new album, SWEVEN.

I'm beyond ecstatic to finally share news about the full-length project I've been culling & crafting this past year!

Link to teaser in my profile.

Stay tuned!

As the little clip shows there, Sweven is to be released on January 15, 2016 via Swoon Music.

Her last record, 2013's Originator I did enjoy a lot of, although it was pretty different in from the previous record I fell in love with, in 2009's Go Easy Little Doves and it's chamber/classical style of songwriting.

The little clip makes me wonder if this is going to be more of the classical/chamber/baroque instrumentation.