Thursday, January 7, 2016

REACT TO: All Songs Considered Turns 16 (16 songs since 2000)

NPR.ORG LINK with their list

But as I posted over there:

I'll pretend I never saw the list above, and just give my list:

2000: Kevin Gilbert - Imagemaker
2001: Transatlantic - Stranger in Your Soul
2002: Pain of Salvation - Beyond the Pale
2003: John Arch - Cheyenne 
2004: Marillion - The Invisible Man
2006: Pure Reason Revolution - Twycyn / Trembling Willows
2007: Between the Buried and Me - White Walls
2008: Apes and Andoids - Riverside
2009: dredg - Gathering Pebbles
2010: Emanuel and the Fear - Jimme's Song
2011: Hotel of the Laughing Tree - Bad Canterbury
2012: Anathema - Untouchable Part 1
2013: The Reign of Kindo - I Hate Music
2014: Fjokra - Infinite Loops
2015: Small Leaks Sink Ships - Building Blocks

And these are certainly among if not my favorite tracks from each year since 2000. But of course I could choose 100 or more songs probably from each year that could be on MY list, and certainly I and probably a ton of other people would likely prefer to this All Songs Considered sheep-ish track list. Hipster, boring, uninspiring, un-interesting, non-engaging, and really in no way progressive.