Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Woods Brothers - The Woods Brothers (2015-2016) ft. Casey Crescenzo

1/2/16 12:06PM

New track "The Beginning"..sounds darker and more piano driven, although I like the guitar solo towards the end. I do feel still, given the variety of vocalists and I imagine style of songs to a point, this could come out a bit like Neverending White Lights, which certainly could be a good thing. I say that, just per the different singers especially. I mean the style of music may not end up sounding like NWL, but just the approach to the whole album with contrasting styles of voices. A little like Nordic Giants too I suppose.

from Facebook

Happy New Year from The Woods Brothers! Enjoy our new and final single before our full release! "Terra Firma" was the end of the story, and now we present "The Beginning" with vocals written and performed by our former Brother in Arms Toby Forrest from Cityzen, our first band we played in together back in the day. Complete with Lead Guitar by the uber talented Alex Potts who rocked with Chris in The Memorials for a couple years, and backing vox by Morgan Jones and Ciara Budds. You will also hear some nice acoustic guitar and rhythm guitar by our Producer Casey Crescenzo from The Dear Hunter. We hope you like it, and once again, Happy New Year!!!

12/16/15 2:20PM

I somehow forgot I posted about The Woods Brothers back in July when they released their debut single "Terra Firma" (see below), but now I am reminded of that.

But the short little documentary tells a bit more of their story and their working with Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter and the frontman from The Fall of Troy on this debut album of theirs.

And they announced a couple of months ago how it will be Self-Titled and coming out in 2016.

Anyway, I'll of course add more details when they are available, but for now I still really love "Terra Firma" and have great hopes for this record that Casey also produced I guess.

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