Thursday, February 5, 2015

Happy Body Slow Brain - Dream of Water (2010)

2/5/15 6:15AM

In the Reddit AMA from last Thursday 1/29/15 Casey Crescenzo mentioned Matt Fazzi, whose the lead singer/instrumentalist from this band helped The Dear Hunter on tour recently, and I had never heard/heard-of them. So I went ahead and checked them out and this is a pretty sweet record. Full of lush textures and intricate melodies at times.

In reading a bit about Matt's background, he was in Taking Back Sunday and also one of the main people behind the band Facing New York who I was into for a little while in the mid 2000's. So, I'm not totally surprised I enjoy this band and this debut album of theirs from 2010.

Also if I had to compare them to 1 band, it would be Minus the Bear. Maybe the Planet of Ice period (which is my favorite MtB album anyway). With the sweeping tones and  the melody + atmosphere.

I also noticed they may be putting out a new record soon, which my timing for getting into them seems pretty good.

Interesting also to notice of all people thanks, 1 being Gavin Castleton.

My favorites? "Up Late" and "What About Us?" are pretty fantastic. Also "Time." "The Flight," "The Bridge" and I'd say especially the 2nd half of the record. But I've only listened to this album twice and I'm still taking a lot of it in.

But as far as their present state, I think they may be one of those bands who are getting better with time. I kind of always felt that about Facing New York. They were good, or had nice moments, but it may have only been a matter of time before they created something totally amazing.

I guess we'll see, I'm streaming some of their Sleep EP from 2012 now on their bandcamp, really nice, textured, atmospheric stuff.