Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - Yield to Despair (2014-2015)

New record coming out in April. Crowd Funding, etc.

The trailer, to be honest, resembles much of the style of their EP from last season, Downbeat, which honestly, I only found a few moments I enjoyed.

I definitely still enjoy their other records, so I naturally am still interested in checking this out. But stylistically, if it's like the Noisey/Droney/Doomy/Free-Jazz style of Downbeat, it may not be as much for me as even the previous EP Failed By Man and Machine and of course the excellent debut LP Deaden the Fields and their debut EP Tiny Fragments.

But I am still supporting these guys, I just am holding off on the Vinyl for now.

Yield to Despair
Pre-order it now through Pozible.
Our second album is finally done - recorded, mixed and mastered!

It's called 'Yield to Despair', and it will be out in April. It has 5 tracks and is 70 minutes long. As you can tell from the title... it's a pretty dark and intense affair. Our heaviest yet - although, as with all TToL releases, it's not all that way!

We will release it on 2xLP (first run will be limited to 150 black and 150 'bone' coloured vinyl), CD and digital. The vinyl and CD both come in a beautiful gatefold case, with artwork by Teo Treloar.

To afford to press this ourselves and still pay for our upcoming tours (with 65daysofstatic in Australia in March, then our own tour to Europe in May), we need your help! We're going to run a pre-order style crowd funding campaign through Pozible. If you're keen, you can pre-order the album on your preferred format (all the prices include postage!) and there is also a bunch of cool rewards on offer:
A private show with less than 20 people at Studio Sleepwalker's Dread, where we write and record all our material. 
Signed drum-skins that were used in the recording of the album.
The last remaining CD copies of the 2009 split with our buddies sleepmakeswaves
A bonus ambient-noise EP that we are recording right now, especially for this pre-order!

Check out the Pozible page with all the pre-order options here:

We also recorded a short video clip for this campaign, featuring audio from the tracks 'Yield to Despair' and 'The Albanian Sleepover - Part One'. You can check it out below (if it doesn't show up, go here: or check it out at the Pozible link above):

If you decide to chip in and pre-order, we send our most sincere thank you! It's thanks to you guys - the people who are still passionate enough to pay for music and go and see bands perform live - that we are able to do this at all.

Many thanks!