Friday, February 13, 2015

4 New Videos: Kevin Gilbert, Subt Masq, Hotel ot Laughing T, Vinyls

A batch of new videos I made yesterday.

Kevin Gilbert's THUD (Deluxe/3CD 2 LP)..I didn't get around to writing notes and talking much about the 3rd Disc, but perhaps that'll be for another video and writeup? (among some other things).

A Subterranean Masquerade overview and review of The Great Bazaar

Some new Vinyls: East of the Wall, Ramona Falls and Nicholas Krgovich

Hotel of the Laughing Tree's new album "New World Sundown"

I'm more happy with these videos over others for a few reasons. #1, they are SHORTER. And #2 they focus only on 1 artist for the most part (sans for the Vinyl video), or even 1 record. The YouTube game seems to be about TIME and who has time to watch 20 or 40 minutes videos?..and also who has time to write down 30 band names?,

Also putting that image in, in the last video was still a bit time consuming sadly, but the more I do it, the easier it likely will become...that and my drink of choice (water).

The posters? probably didn't do a lot, but I'll have to continue to experiment with those or my camera, or the location I'm filming perhaps.