Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kevin Gilbert - Toy Matinee Acoustic (2014)

10/9/14 1:32PM

Preview #2. "O Come, O Come Emanuel" stands out certainly.

10/1/14 12:32PM
Being the collector/trader and follower of all things KG and Toy Matinee, I have heard a lot of these, but not being mastered, etc.

This should be pretty sweet, as the trailer even indicates. Damn, the KG estate (Gruno) is really busy with all these goodies on the KG front. This fall may see the most Kevin Gilbert related media/releases ever. I can only be grateful to him and the estate (Jon Rubin) for all their thought and effort with this stuff.

edit: although part of me would have flipped had Kevin and Marc Bonilla's rendition of The Monkees "Pleasant Valley" been included (for multiple reasons, but the girlfriend's reaction especially, hehe).


Kevin Gilbert – Toy Matinee Acoustic”
Available mid-November 2014
Priced at $15, this 59 minute, 10-song CD contains:

Acoustic rehearsal recorded in 1990 with Kevin Gilbert, Marc Bonilla, and Spencer Campbell.
-Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
-The Ballad of Jenny Ledge
-Last Plane Out
-Rocket Man
-Things She Said
-If I Fell
**also includes between song banter

Acoustic Christmas Track performed by Kevin Gilbert & Marc Bonilla
-O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Bonus: Full-band live tracks recorded in Ventura, Ca. in 1991, with Kevin Gilbert, Marc Bonilla, Spencer Campbell, Sheryl Crow, and Toss Panos
-Remember My Name
-There Was A Little Boy
-Turn It On Salvador