Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Opus Dai - Insectum Vol. 1 (2014) ["Disconnect the Dots" +"Start Again"]

10/14/14 6:00PM

"Insectum I: The Promise"

3/5/14 11;18PM


Not that I totally forgot how good this band is/was, but other than a song or 2 over the last 5 or more years, I haven't thought all that much about Opus Dai. But this new track certainly rekindles the flame. Quite epic.

Dynamics, layers of guitars, soaring vocals.

Free Download here on their website (w/ a suggested pay-what-you-want paypal donation, as I just did)

So, in just scanning their Facebook, this a track from an upcoming release "Insectum Vol. 1" and part of a collection of music the band have been working on for many years they refer to as "Insectum."

Also a new video is coming for the "Moth to Flame" soon as pics from the video shoot were posted recently on Facebook.

edit: I guess the original projection for this album was in 2012 per its entry on Rateyourmusic.com

With Fair to Midland on some unreported hiatus and the latest from Karnivool and Dead Letter Circus being a bit lower on my radar, this may be the band and album that will fill that sort of alt/prog metal void.

edit 2: here's another new track "Start Again" (also available to download free as the video shows)

per 2012: