Saturday, October 4, 2014

MuteMath - In No Time (Alt Version)

I like the album version more (posted below), but this isn't bad still, even as a more straight forward as it is.

It's been what seems like 3+ long years since Odd Soul (and how good Odd Soul ended up being), which at least with these guys still being active on Social Media, hopefully their next record will be coming soon (hopefully next season fb mention )

Facebook post
Many times we record multiple versions of songs for an album to make sure we find the best framework for a song idea. Especially our favorite ones. When we turned in Odd Soul to WB, there was debate on whether or not In No Time needed a more conventional approach. And although we tried, we wound up sticking with the original, more unconventional version, which is what is on the album. But here's the unreleased alternate version, which is still a nice listen.

Album version: