Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Demians - Mercury (2014-2015)

10/21/14 5:30PM
 another new track "White Chalk"

10/14/14 10:30AM
CA, TL. Chapel not there, but that's not surprising.


01. Mercury
02. White Chalk
03. Circles And Stars
04. Water And A Sigh
05. Spellbound Lily
06. Little Invisible
07. A Spark Before The Sun
08. Nislands
09. Pearls On A Strand
10. Swan Song

Coming out on December 10th, 2014. Independent Release. Sounds like it's all new material so my hopes of the track "Chapel" being included don't seem likely (it still remains my favorite thing Nic/Demians/Silent Ceremony ever wrote).

I am certainly looking forward to this, although I can't say 2010's Mute went too far with me compared to the terrific debut record from 2008 Building an Empire. But the way it reads below, this record may differ some from both of those.

title track:

Hey my friends.
My new album “Mercury” is available now for pre-order.
This is not a regular pre-order though. It is the moment to start the story all over again and give it a good kick in the butt.
I’ve been wanting to make this record for a long time. Maybe too long, i could say, but considering the sound and soul this album has now, it was definitely worth whatever happened.
I’ve spent the whole summer crafting it and i can say i’ll only keep great memories of these times. Before that, it was never the right time, the right this, or the right that. The only thing i can say for sure is that it was too special for me to simply record it, give it the traditional treatment once it would be finished, and then let things escape me.
This is as independent a release as it gets. I have chosen not to look for a label or a distribution deal.
Times are changing, the music industry is changing, distribution is changing. Of course, I’m Captain Obvious when saying that. But while it all changes, i’m still here, playing music in my living room with a bunch of microphones, wanting to share it to the world in the best possible way, like i did before people had even heard any of my songs. I also love physical formats, a good sounding LP on a turntable, or a great looking cover artwork i can hold in my hands. I know some of you like this too, so this is why all this is important right now.
I wrote these songs. I arranged them, wrote the lyrics, I played each part with abandon when needed, and with careful attention when needed. I’ve mixed them, mastered the whole thing. All this with doubts in between, and lots of excitement. The talented photographer Deborah Parkin let me use her work for the album cover, and i just wrapped up the design, will choose the paper for the booklets, the color of the vinyl, and will hand-number and sign every single copy.
People who know Demians know this is not about ego. It’s about handcraft and passion, and it’s the only way to make it happen.
So let’s kick it up a notch, and do the distribution the same way.
The album won’t be available in stores. It will be available only at demians-music.com.
I want to fund the pressing myself, so the pre-orders will determine that. It couldn’t be more simple: the more copies are pre-ordered, the better. You want to help Demians now? Pre-order the album! Want to help more? Share the link with all the people you love!
You can choose which format you want on the online store, even buying the digital version will help pressing physical copies and making the project really independent. The money you choose to spend will remain on Paypal until we reach the necessary amounts for the pressing, so if anything for any reason doesn’t go in the right direction, everyone will be entirely refunded. Only high quality 180gm vinyl, with a color only available for this edition. Only high quality CD, in a heavy duty digipack.
Both physical formats will be supplied with high quality MP3s of the album that you’ll be able to download from your account when december 10th comes. And with every pre-order, you can download the opening track “Mercury” from your account as well.
This is not a diatribe against labels, distribution circuits, the industry, or anything of this sort.
It’s not against people who try to find new creative ways of distributing music, like we’ve seen in the past few years.
Actually it’s not “against” anything, just like it’s not reinventing anything. I just see it as a positive way of presenting a music that i find positive, and the only appropriate way to develop it for the future. It’s also the way i want to keep in touch with you guys and find new people who could love this music.
So i’m about to release my first album as Demians in more than four years.
It’s been a very long time, and it feels great to see that you guys still care! Especially since there is so much new music that i want to put out as soon as i can, and play these great new songs that scream to be played live. Because that’s the ultimate goal, for the months to come. Let’s get Demians back on the road, play the shows the way they’re meant to be played, and meet you guys again.
I can’t wait.
But right now, let’s make it all matter, one step at a time.
Thank you to everyone for your patience and your support.
Hi, I’m Nicolas, and it’s good to see you.