Friday, June 6, 2014

Bed of Stars - Tell Me if it's True [EP] (2014)

The title track to this EP is pretty sweet. Really that and the remix as well. Evan Konrad's project which Daniel Victor of Neverending White Lights has continued to support and help guide, offers up another good example of his promise as one of the better young songwriters and vocalists out there right now.

I saw something either on twitter or facebook I think that mentioned that 2015 Bed of Stars is looking to release their 1st full length. But this track will have to tide us fans over for now. Really dreamy memorable stuff.

Tell Me If It's True cover art

1. Tell Me If It's True 03:31
2. The Spell 03:53
3. Cold Hands 04:21
4. Tell Me If It's True (IG88 Remix) 03:50