Wednesday, June 18, 2014 Top 10 Rush Songs (voted by users there)

Not that the lists mean all that much to me beyond mild curiosity at best, but among the recent Music lists they've posted, this is finally one from a band I actually do like.

But I and I would hope others who do watch these should keep in mind, they are lists (including the Honorable Mentions) are just based on VOTES BY USERS ON WATCHMOJO.COM, and not exactly some in-depth analysis of experts, industry people, etc.

And even registering on the site and being able to SIGN-IN and VOTE, posed challenging to me, as I tried to and failed a few times.

Anyway, in seeing this, just for non-extensive/time-consuming, I suppose I'll include a list of 10 or more of my favorites aka 10 Rush songs I would consider if not definitely include in my own personal top 10.

Cygnus X-1 Book II - Hemispheres
Natural Science
Middletown Dreams
Red Tide
The Necromancer
Cygnus X-1
The Analog Kid
The Trees
The Camera Eye

I'd love to Blurb about these songs, but time is not available for me now. Perhaps soon down the road as I'm kind of in the middle of a discussion about my gf's mother's health issues and I should head to bed anyway.