Monday, June 23, 2014 Top 10 Dream Theater songs (with Honorable Mentions)

Again, another one of's top 10 lists from a band I am a fan of. And again, I'm posting this late at night and will post 10 of my favorites without blurbs, because of that whole extensive time factor when writing up blurbs (and that many of them).

The list that the users voted for on their site, while isn't bad, is still not exactly what many of the longtime fans likely would vote for ("The Dark Eternal Night" as an HM?..ewww-kay, lol).

Also a note, the woman that narrates these videos has interviewed John Petrucci twice over the last few years if you do a search on YouTube.

If I were voting/found a way to vote/remembered to go over to the site and try again to vote, etc. These likely would be among mine.

A Change of Seasons
Learning to Live
Raise the Knife
Finally Free
Blind Faith
Lines in the Sand
Space Dye-Vest
The Count of Tuscany
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

I know, 6DOIT is 8 individual songs, etc, but at the same time it's a suite, that I enjoy altogether anyway.

I wonder what other Top 10's they may do for bands I like. The likes of Muse, Coheed or The Mars Volta (or more likely, bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Genesis and Yes), but I suppose I could just start posting top 10's of my own just for the hell of it, without much if any blurbing. I think I mentioned doing something like that less than a year ago, so perhaps that could finally happen to some degree.