Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chris Letchford - Lightbox (2014)

6/4/14 9:47PM

5/28/14 12:11PM
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not that I'm a HUGE fan of StS or anything, but they're okay I suppose, but the fact he had 2 of the Kindo guys on this mainly intrigues me. And the fact it's supposed to be a more straight up instrumental jazz record. We'll see. 1st single next week. July 15th it drops.

Solo album is finished! The talent I had play on this record is incredible. Everyone added so many amazing elements I never thought of. Had a blast making it and cant wait to share it with the world!

The line-up:
Guitar: Chris Letchford
Bass: Evan Brewer (4 songs)
Bass: Mark Michell (6 songs)
Drums: Steven Padin (The Reign of Kindo)
Piano: Danny Pizarro (The Reign Of Kindo)(6 songs)
Piano: Steven Padin (4 songs)

"LIGHTBOX" will be out July 15th. CD/Digital

1 The Star Boys
2 Earthen
3 Sign of Four
4 Zodiac
5 Rayless
6 In Force
7 Piedra Falls
8 Pearl
9 Ghost Orchid
10 The Gentlemen