Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bleu - To Hell With You (2013)...and earlier?

I want to find the tracks by this guy that are like the music in this:

Also these 2 songs mentioned on this article on have me rather curious about this album

I wishlisted 1 of Bleu's records on rym back in November, but I forget if I ever checked any of it out. I may have, or I'm getting mixed up with another layered/busy/ power-pop artist that I was suggested for my love of Jellyfish among others.

And I am now reminded that Bleu also was part of L.E.O. which included JF's Andy Sturmer, back in 2006.

He does seem or remind me a ton of Andy in that trailer video.

The comments are rather critical of the album on that blog posting, which it's odd how the songs on Youtube, at least the official videos, don't really seem overly catchy, but more singer/songwriter-like. Whereas these new tracks and that trailer do more so. I'm sort of getting a Timmy Sean vibe to some elements of them.

I want to not only check out this new record of Bleu's soon, but also find the best/catchiest tracks in his back catalog. And also all the other projects he's done, which includes producing and other bands, 1 named The Major Labels I guess.