Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Dear Hunter - The Migrations Annex

4/9/13 9:38AM

Here's the whole thing to stream. "Old Demons" is awesome, and most of these tunes are quite good. A case of some great leftover music that I may ultimately like as much if not more than the actual LP. But at least like Nil Recurring from Porcupine Tree, these did come out on a proper release.

"Old Demons"

 "Dig Your Own Grave"

 "Like Crazy"

"Middle Ground"


"The Love" (I think)

4/8/13 2:30AM

The 7" Vinyl should arrive within a week or so, but Equal Vision email out the folks who bought the bundles last Friday (per a delay in the shipping).

1 Dig Your Own Grave 3:24
2 Middle Ground 4:12
3 Like Crazy         3:57
4 Old Demons         3:36
5 Owls                 3:40
6 The Love         5:07

2/18/13 2:07PM

I haven't played/heard these yet, but I guess these are some samples of material that won't be on Migrant, but perhaps another release later in the year?

The Migrations Annex were more or less the reason why I purchased the Deluxe Bundle for $85 which has 3 7"'s that include these. But whether they will be sold separately, remains to be announced, although I would think at least they will be available digitally at some point.