Tuesday, April 16, 2013

An Evening with The Dear Hunter @ the 7th Street Entry 4/14/13

The photos below


(I don't own a camera, nor do I care to do the whole taking pics at concerts thing as I used to do years ago, so I think it's fair just to share pics from other recent shows, namely that aren't Watermarked. Thanks to those who took these pics, no bandwidth theft is intended).

1st photo Per Google Images

Picture of The Dear Hunter

 2nd and 3rd photos from Casey's Facebook Photos

Set List

In Cauda Venenum
The Lake and the River
The Oracles on The Delphi Express
The Church and the Dime
We've Got a Score to Settle
Misplaced Devotion
(with Cameron Thorne of Naive Thieves)
City Escape
Filth and Squalor
Lost But Not All Gone
An Escape
Mustard Gas
The Pimp and the Priest
Let Go
Tripping in Triplets
(with Cameron Thorne of Naive Thieves)
All I Have to Do Is Dream
(The Everly Brothers cover) (with Cameron Thorne of Naive Thieves)
Things That Hide Away
Smiling Swine
Life and Death
Red Hands
He Said He Had a Story

This was an awesome show, and of course not only am I trying to write this 2 days after the fact, I also don't have time during my lunch hour to add all the details right now. So, maybe later?

Epic show of course, 2+ hours "An Evening With"

200 or more showed up at The Entry I would estimate.  Much of the show, at least 1 or maybe 2 or 3 girls kept trying to talk to Casey and the other band members. And Casey really didn't want to, as he was rather business-like. But it kind of stood out, and while it was sort of funny, namely some of the dry sarcasm from Casey back to her, ultimately, I guess I wish like him and the band did, she had saved most of the extensive conversations remarks for AFTER the show. However, Casey was't actually hanging around after, at least for the 30 minutes or so I did.

No big, as I got to chat with Nick, Connor, the bassist Nick, Cameron from Naive Thieves and Rob Parr at least.

-1 note to not forget, I guess there was a chance or interest to have Kimbra sing on Migrant, but her record label or the logistics with things like her label, didn't allow it to work out. I sincerely hope either she can appear on a future TDH or Casey recording of some kind and/or maybe even better, have TDH go out on tour with her. The potential for new fans would be HUGE. But, fantasies that don't often become reality of course.

The show itself though, was as immense and nostalgic as it looks. As the set list shows, they covered a ton of Act I and II. And a bit of III along with the expected stuff from TCS and Migrant.

more to add later...especially about the Sauna and how a girl fainted.

1 short thing, my fellow local Lifetime Member, and singer/screamer/growler of the band Earthrise, Tom
wrote this about the show on Facebook.

Good to see you at the show man! It was an amazing show! That's my review.