Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lana Del Rey - Jimmy Necco (Ours?)

4./30/14 5:43PM

blech. Unsure how to feel about this, on 1 hand, it could be good exposure. But then again, Ours toured with the likes of Marilyn Manson and Circa Survive so.

I suppose given it's not coming to Minnesota anyway, it's not like I'd be paying to see Jimmy and then be thrown among the Lana Del Rey hipsters, but whatevah.

I still say in a few years, she's not going to be half as popular as she still kind of is. But as far as Jimmy's relations with her, more confirmation about it.

10/31/12 6;38PM
I just noticed this on the Ours fans forum a bit ago. Lana Del Rey I guess wrote a song (demo?) a few years ago, and based on some comments and obviously the title, had some kind of interest or relationship with Jimmy Gnecco of Ours.

Some of the Youtube comments cite her video for the song "Born to Die," has a guy who she may have cast intentionally due to a little bit of a resemblance to Jimmy.

That may be true, but the resemblance only goes as far as him being skinny, white, dark hair and a lot of tattoos. His face at times looks next to nothing like Jimmy, i.e. if I saw the guy in that video on the street, I would never suspect it was Jimmy or resembling someone like Jimmy really.

As far as this song; like pretty much every other song I've heard from Lana Del Rey, it's not very good. Now, if by chance it leads some hipsters or teeny bopper kids to Jimmy/Ours music, I suppose there are some benefits to that potentially (and some drawbacks of course too).

But unless I want to start googling for internet gossip about Jimmy and Lana Del Rey, which I honestly probably shouldn't bother, this is likely just a footnote. I suppose asking Jimmy sometime about Lana or this song, if he's heard it, might be worth doing. Maybe they dated or were friends? or she's a fan of his/he's a fan of hers, etc.

But until that crosses my perspective, I kind of just see this is a funny little reference that may not mean much if anything in the near future or longer down the line. I really don't foresee Lana Del Rey as anything special, nor having a big future really. She likely has gotten as big as she ever will get, and in a few years she'll be like many of the flavors-of-the-month that the hipsters hype up and then forget about.