Friday, April 18, 2014

Moron Police - Defenders of the Small Yard (2014)

1. T-Bag Your Grandma
2. It's Not Cool
3. Grand Theft Bovine
4. Black Woman
5. Steve Jobs Is Dead, But I'm Not
6. Prepopherous, This Prepophery, I will Not Have It
7. Another Song About California
8. Soul Train of the Damned
9. Go Home, Bitch
10. Cabo
11. Welcome to the West
12. Stomp That Goomba

Moron Police is an independent Metal band from Norway. I was contacted by one of the members to check out their record a few weeks back in fact and I'm certainly glad I did.

The 6th track "Prepopherous, This Prepophery, I will Not Have It" is quite catchy, and will likely remind people of Faith No More, but in a good way.

"T-Bag Your Grandma" also leaves quite the earworm after hearing it.

I've checked this album out a couple of times and I can say it is enjoyable.

Beyond those 2 catchiest tracks others that stand out to me are "Go Home, Bitch," "Welcome to the West," "Black Woman" and "Steve Jobs Is Dead, But I'm Not" likely the most.

I feel bad about not including more details for now about this record, but I haven't had the time to listen enough and include notes, as of course life happens time and sleep seem to be at a premium for myself. But as far as self-released records or just records I've been able to hear even just one or two times per bandcamp or another stream in 2014, this is certainly one of the better ones.

I think these guys would appeal to fans of Faith No More or System of Down obviously, and more recent bands like For the Imperium and Destrage. I thought I noticed they even did a gig or two with For the Imperium, so that appeal/connection makes a lot of sense.They do the genre bending (with humor) hard rock/metal pretty well.

If/when time allows,more specifics hopefully will come (look to a Midseason list around June for example, if not before).

Seriously, there's shitty techno in here.
What happens if you take a pinch of Jack Black’s non-existent scruffy beard, add a sweaty glob of bastard metal in the vein of System of A Down then subsequently top it off by boiling it in Frank Zappa’s stinky night potty?