Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hotel of the Laughing Tree - Mammoth Skin Pt. 2 [EP] (2014)


1. Steamwalker 04:36
2. Winterside (Nikolai No.2) 04:39
3. Tiny Spells 03:38
4. All That We Know 04:05
5. A Gentleman in a Giants Country 07:49

Another great collection of tunes from these guys, which per Brand Peterson, should not be the only thing they will be releasing in 2014. "All That We Know" is maybe my early favorite, with its almost dance-able groove and catchy nature. The trumpets at the end of "A Gentleman in a Giants Country" also stand out, although we have heard trumpets from HOTLT before, but they still have their charm on that one.
Also this is a nice acoustic performance of Steamwalker using some children's toys (reminds me of sElf's Gizmodgery of course)

edit: EMBED/STREAM should be coming soon and more details hopefully, as this EP is released today April 22nd, 2014.