Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jerry Gaskill (King's X) health concerns/HURRICANE SANDY EFFECT

11/1/12 1:05AM


I know there are so many others going through hell besides Jerry with the effects of this, but among them, Jerry and his wife Julie apparently lost their home due to Hurricane Sandy. The guy, while having a Rollercoaster of a 2012, you'd think Good Karma will eventually find him.

The friends and fans of Jerry Gaskill- King's X are uniting to raise money to help Jerry and his wife Julie rebuild after hurricane Sandy The friends and fans of Jerry Gaskill of King's X and solo success, are uniting to to raise money to help with the devastating losses he and his wife Julie suffered during Hurricane Sandy. Jerry and Julie lost almost every material possession they owned and are displaced from their home.

I spoke with Jerry and he and Julie are ok, and very optimistic of the future, despite losing every material possession to this dreadful storm. It's been one helluva journey for him this year-cheating death, marrying his soul mate, a successful tour with Kansas, the announcement of a new solo project kicking off next month, and now this....

If you know Jerry, you already know that is it not in his DNA to ask for help....per Jerry's words "It's gonna be Alright"....... For me, Jerry has helped me in so many different way that past 3 years, that there is no real way that I could repay him. I'm going to do what I can, and hope you will join in. If you would like to help as well, my wife and I will match the first $1,000 that can be raised. Any gift you can give will be treated as a gift, and is not tax deductible.
3/12/12 12:24AM

the latest news, although baby steps. Very encouraging.

Update!! Julie when to see Jerry today, she said he was in a chair getting his hair
washed, Hes breathing on his own also. Good news!

2/27/12 6:17PM
Dug Pinnick's Facebook Fan Page

"Julie said Jerry woke up pulling chords out, she says hes fiesty! that's a good sign! thanks everyone for prayers and good vibes! it can only get better now!!!

Update! jerry is the same, heavily sedated and on the ventilator, they are going to try to take the balloon pump out tomorrow, thanks for everyones support!"

2/26/12 5:46PM
"Jerry had a heart attack last night. He was operated on and is in stable condition at the hospital. Were all waiting for more info. I will keep you posted" - dUg

As a longtime fan of King's X and his drumming, and having met/chatted with Jerry many times, my thoughts are totally with him, his family and any other King's X fans/fans of his, like myself.