Thursday, November 1, 2012

Black Ribbons - Neuromancer (2012)

11/1/12 12:56AM

This is a only recently finished project's debut record from Daniel Victor of Neverending White Lights. The below bio piece from their site kind of explains everything for the most part. Stylistically, it's I'm presuming somewhat like NWL, but maybe less conceptual, and more ambient/spacey and influenced by New Wave music. (I've only heard the 2 tracks embedded below, but am awaiting my CD order in the mail).

But that isn't extremely different than some of the NWL music. At any case, this is in limited printing, and may be the only thing Daniel ever releases for this project. What does this mean for the next NWL album/Part 2 of Act 3? I suppose between this and some of the touring Daniel has done, the anticipated next chapter has taken a bit of a backseat. But understandably, especially after Daniel lost a lot with the flooding in his living quarters late last year.

I'll hopefully be able to post more details in here and/or the upcoming 2012 Album Index (assuming it makes it). But in the mean time, this is something on my radar down the stretch here in 2012.

1 The Fear 3:56
2 Sylvana 4:11
3 All I Ever Wanted 4:26
4 Kill for the Kiss 4:32
5 Teardrops 4:03
6 Pretty Little Tears 3:53
7 Another Lover Calling 4:35
8 Honey Inside 3:56
9 Sheila 3:05
10 The Pressure 4:24
11 Lover, Only You 4:35

In the late '00's Daniel Victor (Neverending White Lights) wrote and recorded an album as an experimentation in indie-synth-pop-noir-wonder. Originally intended as a duo with Lexi Valentine (Magneta Lane), the two mutually decided to sever their working relationship for personal reasons before production began. Victor continued on to realize the album in full, writing, recording, and performing the songs alone over the course of eight weeks in the winter of 2007. The album was built with elements of shoegaze, dream pop, dance, indie, and new wave by pairing vintage drum machines and synths with lush distorted electric guitars and retro-fitted punk bass lines. Using rich atmospherics and brooding emotive vocals, the end result is an eleven-song offering in themes of bittersweet love, lust, and tears - overshadowed by the reality of those very things during its conception.

 Due to unfortunate political circumstances the album was shelved with it's fate in question, until now. This debut will see a release in 2012.

 Notable influences: David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, The Cure, M83, New Order, Smashing Pumpkins.

File under: Pop/Noir