Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hotel of the Laughing Tree - Mammoth Skin Pt. 1 [EP] (2012)

11/27/12 3:10PM

The whole thing can be streamed and downloaded (name your price). More comments should come on this entry and/or the Album Index which should be right around the corner.

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1. Make Waves
2. People That We Please
3. Flowers and Lawyers
4. Waterfall Games
5. Brotherly Thunder

 from November 17th

It has been quite some time since we have updated anyone on what we're up to.

We have had a lot of changes since we released Terror in 2011. Band members have left, new ones have joined.
We have reflected on our existence. Where were we, where we want to go. A lot has happened behind the scenes. We buried ourselves in a hole and we are now just preparing to come out of it. First though, we

'd like to share our thoughts on what has transpired during this time.

Hotel now consists of 4 members. These 4 members have been working on an EP for the good part of a year. Progress has been slow due to many factors. Mainly personal lives getting in the way, but also our complete jadedness towards the music industry in general. We've seen a lot of talented musical acts get the shaft in the past few years due to the fickleness of this unforgiving machine. I don't think it's any secret that the music industry is in chaos in it's present form. It's made us question if we really want to be a part of it.

At this point, we really don't even have all the answers as to what we want to do. We know we are done caring about record and merch sales, touring in a van that breaks down more oft than not, playing in venues that time has forgotten. We don't mean to sound unappreciative. We love you guys SO much. Maybe we lack the drive these days. Maybe adulthood has made us more logical and less passionate. Maybe we just don't really enjoy it. We're not charismatic, rockstar-esque . Half of us play video games over the weekends and have modest social lives. We enjoy simple things and the potential glamour that so many chase is not something we really desire. This band started because we wanted to write music that we enjoyed and would hope others enjoyed as well. You can lose track of that after awhile. We certainly have. And it made us hide.

We know one thing for sure, and that is that we love to write, record and play music. We are going to continue doing that. As I mentioned, we have been working on an EP that is now completed. The name of the release will be "Mammoth Skin Pt 1." We will be releasing this digitally. Pay what you want. We plan on playing shows whenever possible as well.

And that's it. No big promotion and whatnot. This is a release that is lacking any bells and whistles. We're just throwing some songs up and we hope you guys enjoy them.
We'll be releasing it on NOVEMBER 27TH, 2012.

For now, Hotel is taking it day by day, and we'll see where that takes us. As always, we appreciate the support we have always seemed to have gotten, undeserved or not. We figured we'd repay that with some truth.

Well, not enough time to add all that I'd like to about this, but 1st and foremost, it's good to see they are still a band and have this new DIGITAL EP coming next Tuesday, 11/27.

The music industry can suck all kinds of ass, since it seems you either have to be a flavor-of-the-month or a local/regional artist/band to sustain a reasonable length career. HOTLT are a band who have (had?) a ton of potential after an amazing debut record. Hopefully they will go the way of like Fates Warning, with even a reduced lineup, the importance to keep making music outweighs the challenges their lack of financial stability allows. Perhaps they'll be able to do what Water & Bodies seemingly are doing, be a regional/local and release new music every year or 2, even digitally. Maybe they could setup a Pledgemusic or Kickstarter for their next record.

But in the mean time, I'm pretty excited to hear these 5 songs next week. The fact it's titled "Mammoth Skin Pt 1." suggest they have ideas for a part 2 or more. Maybe a little like BTBAM latest concept. Although I'd be surprised if this EP is as long as the BTBAM EP from last year.

"If I were a Rich Man...yada yada ditel dum..."