Friday, September 6, 2019

Marillion - Neverland LYRIC/Message

This song, the lyrics and the MESSAGE I take from it has always struck me as sort of profound and relate-able in some ways.

Probably the passage most is this part:

I want to be someone
I want to be someone
I want to be someone
Who someone would want to be
Someone would want to be

Be "Someone" being FAMOUS, RECOGNIZED, or even RESPECTED.

I honestly think it's a bit of Catch-22, because I seem to yearn for a lot of that, but at the same time, don't want to change or feel like it's "not all it's cracked up to be"..and would rather be obscure, underground or an underdog.

I just think some of the effort and connected-ness I find, I would see more back-end notice, but I rarely have.

Occasionally, from a site or link, and from the selected people who have said kind words to me, which if I tried to tally up, might be well over 100, maybe more like 200 or more.

But people on YouTube or Twitter..Instagram...podcasts see 100's of thousands, millions even.

And are most of them really warranting that much credit and influence?..or attention. They at times seem like they want only the attention.

And many of them, but I don't earn money to give them all even $3 per month.

I dunno, maybe not being someone is for my best, but I just can't avoid feeling like I desire more recognition and may always fail to get it (despite a million hits..a large chunk of which is just referrals per google or unrelated/spammy sites).