Friday, September 6, 2019

It was 15 years ago today...

Sgt Pepper..err

I began my job at what is still my current employer.

technically it is 15 years ago tomorrow, but my Hire date was on 9/6/04.

Where the hell was everyone else on September 6th, 2004?

While in some ways it seems like it has flown by, in a lot of other ways, my life was dramatically different.

15 years...15 fucking years, lol.

I was 28, was still living in my 1st apartment. Things were worse/more difficult, but in a lot of ways things were more innocent, despite the aftermath of things like 9/11 and the Iraqi war, gas prices going up.

My taste in music was definitely changing/expanding.

Medically I wasn't dealing with any of the issues I have been.

And of course I was single, and really not had more than 1 relationship. That was during a long period of doubting myself. I looked much younger than 28. I have pics that I need to scan in that I look about 19 from then, lol.

Here's 1 with Lucy Jordache of Marillion mgmt from around then (June 2005)

It does beg the question in 15 years, will the same series of changes happen? quite possibly more. I'll be 58, lol. Assuming I make it to 2034.

I've been thinking about spilling my guts about the passage of time and other things in here as opposed to 1 or 2 other online spots, which may be reserved for another time soon.

But among the MILESTONES I have reached in the past few years

-10 years in this blog (December 2016)
-1,000,000 Hits in this Blog (March 2019)
-15 Years of employment at the same company (9/6/19)

it does rank up there. I would never have expected it, but I have stayed at my present company given the success of the company and my ability to do different but still related work. I've somehow managed to learn well and adapt to changes. And frankly, get promoted, probably more than I would have expected.

I mean I work in Healthcare and do Project Management of a kind, which is work that is interesting and challenging at times, often in a good way.

Would I prefer to be a Journalist in music or entertainment or sports? certainly. But I'm a REALIST and would like to pay my bills, so writing in a blog and maybe someday a BOOK is the next best thing.

That work may be found more Full-time when I retire, which given the projections, won't be any time close to 58, but maybe more like 78, lol. Not 2034, but 2054? lol.

Then again, I have to be able to live that long, which is no guarantee (although I have good genes for it, for what that's worth).