Monday, August 19, 2019

Bent Knee - You Know What They Mean (2018-2019)

edit: 2nd single/video above "Hold Me In."
This album comes out on October 11th (which is looking like a a big day and month for new music)

Here's the Applemusic Link which appears to be the only thing currently listed (hardly my site of choice, but I'm going with it).

edit: All the Digital Streaming Links

Spotify has the new single "Hold Me In" LISTED, but still not playable for me at 1:02AM CST

The single from a few months ago I also embedded below.

I love Bent Knee, who are band without a poor record. Their last 3 are all excellent. Looking at this one to be in the mix come fall and November for the end of the AOTY race.

No photo description available.
1 Lansing 1:22
2 Bone Rage 4:13
3 Give Us the Gold 3:51
4 Hold Me In 4:50
5 Egg Replacer 3:10
6 Cradle of Rocks 3:59
7 Lovell 1:26
8 Lovemenot 5:09
9 Bird Song 2:55
10 Catch Light 4:38
11 Garbage Shark 5:38
12 Golden Hour 5:50
13 It Happens 5:05