Saturday, June 22, 2019

5-Star Albums

So, here's a close-to but still not 100% definitive list of perfect 5-star albums, mostly all-of found on my 5-star ratings on (clicking on the 2nd-4th pages shows the other 3-pages-worth of albums).

I wanted to publish this for a few reasons. Maybe the 1st being it seems people ask for favorite all-time albums or albums list, or I refer to them, and have type-out or LINK my rym page.

Well here's a not too extensively long list.

The list is in chronological order, so not ranked.

And that is one of the other reasons;

63 albums

3 live albums (Yessongs, Live at the Roxy, Live at the Troubadour)
2 compilations that I kind of consider 1 (Nuts and Bolts)
2 releases, released the same day I sort of consider 1 (Bath and Leaving Your Body Map)

subtracting the 3 live albums and counting each of those others as 1 instead of 2, there are
62 5-star releases.

And I see the top 3 as kind of a definitive top 3:
The Shaming of the True
Blood Moon

But among the other 59, I have a hard time ranking them. So for me to figure out a Top 10 albums, it's usually those 3 and any 7 out of those 59 others.

But this entry hopefully will serve a 1-stop-shop LINK to refer others to. I may try and put it up on rym as well.

I would love-to, and maybe of course with time, try and do 4.5-star list and even some day an epic 4-star. With the artwork? eh, only if it were in multiple entries.

These also would potentially be good YouTube videos (physical item/props hopefully and with my music collection finally coming out of storage in a matter of days, the hope to do that soon may not be too far away = maybe August/September/October?)

Also 5-star Movies? that may be something to look at soon..

The Beatles, holding marching band instruments and wearing colourful uniforms, stand near a grave covered with flowers that spell "Beatles". Standing behind the band are several dozen famous people.
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)

The cover of Abbey Road has no printed words. It is a photo of the Beatles, in side view, crossing the street in single file.
The Beatles - Abbey Road (1969)

Thick As A Brick / 1972 - Vinyl.
Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick (1972)

Genesis - Foxtrot (1972)

Yessongs front cover.jpg
Yes - Yessongs (1973)

Jethro Tull - A Passion Play (1973)

Genesis - Selling England by the Pound (1973)

Jerry Goodman and Jan Hammer - Like Children (1974)

Relayer front cover.jpg
Yes - Relayer (1974)

Queen A Night At The Opera.png
Queen - A Night at the Opera (1975)

Jack Lancaster and Robin Lumley - Marscape (1976)

Return to Forever - Romantic Warrior (1976)

An image of the Battersea Power Station in England, where a giant pig can be seen flying between its left chimneys.
Pink Floyd - Animals (1977)

Rush A Farewell to Kings.jpg
Rush - A Farewell to Kings (1977)

Rush Hemispheres.jpg
Rush - Hemispheres (1978)

Yes Drama.jpg
Yes - Drama (1980)

Marillion misplacedchildhood.jpg
Marillion - Misplaced Childhood (1985)

Album cover marillion clutching at straws.jpg
Marillion - Clutching at Straws (1987)

King's X Gretchen Goes to Nebraska.jpg
King's X - Gretchen Goes to Nebraska (1989)

Toy Matinee.jpg
Toy Matinee - Toy Matinee (1990)

Toy Matinee - Live at the Roxy (1991)

Dream Theater - Images and Words.jpg
Dream Theater - Images and Words (1992)

Spilt Milk albumcover.jpg
Jellyfish - Spilt Milk (1993)

Galactic space.jpg
Galactic Cowboys - Space in Your Face (1993)

Marillion - Brave (1994)

Dream Theater - Awake.jpg
Dream Theater - Awake (1994)

Kevin Gilbert Thud.jpg
Kevin Gilbert - Thud (1995)

Marillion - Afraid of Sunlight (1995)

Angra Holy Land-f.jpg
Angra - Holy Land (1996)

Soundscape - Discovery (1997)

A pleasant shade of gray.jpg
Fates Warning - A Pleasant Shade of Gray (1997)

KG Shaming.jpg
Kevin Gilbert - The Shaming of the True (2000)

Call Florence Pow - These Are the Plans.jpg
Call Florence Pow - These Are the Plans (2000)

Pain of Salvation - The Perfect Element I (2000)

Ours - Distorted Lullabies (2001)

Bath (2001.jpg
maudlin of the Well - Bath (2001)

Leaving Your Body Map.jpg
maudlin of the Well - Leaving Your Body Map (2001)

Transatlantic - Bridge Across Forever (2001)

Call Florence Pow - The Strange Situation (2002)

Pain of Salvation - Remedy Lane (2002)

Dream Theater - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence.jpg
Dream Theater - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (2002)

dredg - El Cielo (2002)

Arch TwistofFate.jpg
John Arch - A Twist of Fate (2003)

I Am the Fun Blame Monster! (Front Cover).png
Menomena - I Am the Fun Blame Monster (2003)

Marillion - Marbles (2004)

The Receiving End of Sirens - Between the Heart and the Synapse (2005)

Good Apollo.jpg
Coheed and Cambria - Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV: Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness (2005)

Kaddisfly - Set Sail the Prairie (2007)

The Dear Hunter - Act II: The Meaning of, and All Things Regarding Ms. Leading (2007)

Between the Buried and Me - Colors (2007)

Apes and Androids - Blood Moon (2008)

Ours - Mercy (Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary Enemy) (2008)

Bend Sinister - Stories of Brothers, Tales of Lovers (2008)

The Stiletto Formal - ¡Fiesta, Fiesta, Fiesta, Fiesta! (2008)

Soundscape - Grave New World (2009)

Kevin Gilbert - Bolts (2009)

Kevin Gilbert - Nuts (2009)

Kevin Gilbert - Welcome To Joytown - Thud: Live At Troubadour (2009)

The River Empires - The River Empires (Epilogue) (2010)

Hotel of the Laughing Tree - Terror and Everything After (2011)

Cover for the "complete edition", featuring the full project.
The Dear Hunter - The Color Spectrum: The Complete Collection (2011)

Pepe Deluxé - Queen of the Wave (cover).jpg
Pepe Deluxé - Queen of the Wave (2012)

Small Leaks Sink Ships - Face Yourself, and Remove Your Sandals (2015)