Thursday, August 15, 2019

Tuxedo at The Cedar Cultural Center 8/14/19

Great show at The Cedar Cultural Center from Mayer Hawthorne's synthy-funk duo Tuxedo with Jake One.

The 2nd time my wife and I have seen Tuxedo, and this definitely, overall was a BETTER show than the one a couple of years ago at The Fine Line.

Mayer played bass on some of the tunes, including their cover of Chic's "Good Times."

He did not however play it on the groovey opening track The Tuxedo Way, as it sounded like it was sequenced in.

Why? no idea. And actually "The Tuxedo Way" definitely has a GOOD TIMES-like bassline, so combining or transitioning them would have made some sense to me.

But the highlights besides the 1st song were "On a Good One," which is another banger from Tuxedo III, the new Tuxedo album.

You and Me, So Good, The Right Time, 2nd Time Around

and the 2 Mayer tunes that are kind of staples, Designer Drug and Henny and Gingerale

Great show, great energy, and good SIZE crowd.

The crowd itself? MIXED as my wife and I stood near some tall and very TALKATIVE guys..frat-boys-like. I tolerated it, mocking them a bit by using my hand showing chatter.

Some people like to go to concerts, drink beer, and let not only their friends, but others there who paid good money to see and HEAR the music, HEAR THEIR CONVERSATIONS as well.

Also what does it say when you have a 30 minute wait to buy a bottle of water? LACK OF VOLUNTEERS? I guess.. I used to love, and still like The Cedar, and realize only so many volunteers are available, but I have seen 50 or more concerts there, and not once have I ever had to wait that extensively to buy a bottle of water.

I was thirsty after the show since I wasn't willing to wait that long and miss Tuxedo, so I didn't even bother. I bought merch instead.

But, overall, still a great show, and I'm not sure how we could have done it differently. Parked nearby for cheap, later (8:20-ish, doors were at 7). The DJ went on past his time (8:48..should have been done at 8:30. And he may have been the same DJ that opened at The Fine Line in 2017, which I think the same happened...the guy needs to learn when his time is up and to get off the stage, but apparently it doesn't matter to anyone).

Maybe the only tune they didn't do, which I don't they played in 2017 either, is my favorite off Tuxedo II, Back in Town, but I'd have to check the set list. Otherwise, the set list, energy, performances, etc were very good and rival-ed many of Mayer's incredible solo shows.

Christian Wunderlich was great. The new keyboardist was good, although I think we missed the rhythm section a fair amount at times.

Set List
The Tuxedo Way
Number One
Shy (with snippet of So Ruff, So Tuff by Zapp)
You and Me
2nd Time Around
So Good (with snippet of Feels Good by Tony Toni Toné)
The Right Time
On a Good One
Good Times (Chic cover)
Toast 2 Us (with snippet of Big Poppa… more )
Get U Home
July (with snippet of Corsican Rose by Mayer Hawthorne)
Designer Drug (Mayer Hawthorne song)
This Beat Is Mine (Vicky D cover)
If U Want It
Fux With the Tux
Do It

Watch the Dance
Henny and Gingerale (Mayer Hawthorne song)