Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Bird and the Bee @ The Turf Club 8/11/19

The wife is a pretty big fan of The Bird and the Bee.

The Bird and the Bee recently released a 2nd "Interpreting the Masters" album, which is in-effect, is a Covers album, but they are interpretations, not direct covers.

And it was for Van Halen (they did one for Hall and Oates previously), the David Lee Roth period specifically.

I actually kind of like the synthy, jazzy at-times versions of these Roth-era Van Halen tunes.

And my wife is NOT a Van Halen fan (unlike her love of Hall and Oates).

Anyway, we saw them live at The Turf Club on Sunday night. The 2nd time we've seen The Bird and the Bee since 2015.

And like 2015, it was just Inara George with her backing band, i.e. NO Greg Kurstin (nore Dave Grohl, like in LA).

As I found out per twitter from Inara, Greg does not like to tour, like ever, even though he's HALF of the band.

But the wife and I knew that going-in.

And Greg Kurstin in recent years has become a hot producer for the likes of Adele, Beck, The Foo Fighters among many other HUGE names (including Kimbra actually). So touring for his own band isn't exactly where his primary priorities.

But it was a fun show. Probably better than the 2015 show at The Cedar. We at least had seating, compared to the back problem standing the whole show I had back in 2015 I recall.

They/Inara and her band did a combination of the Van Halen and Hall and Oates tunes, and then many Bird and the Bee tracks. And she closed with the Bee Gees "How Deep is Your Love?"

The track list is NOT in order and I may have missed 1 or 2 tracks besides the B-side I didn't catch.

The trombone(s) may have been my favorite part of her band actually, which I didn't catch the name of the guy playing both that and guitar.

Also oddly enough, I ran into a few local prog fans in Marc, Creighton and Ian. Although I would hardly call The Bird and the Bee prog, their music is quirky enough at times, I can follow the appeal, which begs the questions why my wife is so into them. 1 comparison on rateyoumusic is to the Cardigans which she is a fan of anyway. Maybe the Hall and Oates thing brought her in no matter?

Set List
Again and Again
Recreational Love
F*cking Boyfriend
Will You Dance With Me?
Love Letter to Japan
The Polite Dance
Panama (Van Halen)
Running with the Devil (Van Halen)
Ain't Talking About Love (Van Halen)
I Can't Go for That (Hall and Oates)
Sara Smile (Hall and Oates)
Ray Gun
La La La
I'm a Broken Heart
How Deep is Your Love (Bee Gees)