Friday, May 3, 2019

OT: House (Part 2)

Offer made on a Town House on the West Side of St.Paul last night.

Offer accepted!

I'm not sure how detailed and specific I should get, but I imagine I will at some point, but I likely have to post or edit this entry about like 87 things to go over both what has happened leading up to this, and going forward.

Maybe the best news about this for this blog is, once moved and settled in to a point, I can finally move the fuck on with things.

Beyond the Midseason List (coming soon) and the React to 89.3 893 21st Century songs, I hopefully will finally try and discipline myself to try working on the book I want to attempt to write.

I also likely will have a Desktop PC setup at home to actually Work from Home (maybe once-per week per my co's policy, and then on evenings or weekends perhaps).

And YouTube (and possibly podcasts) could come at a larger clip. Some equipment may be desired with that, but when? maybe the holidays, I dunno.

But June 14th is the closing date, odds are July 1st we'll be residing there full time. However, my mother-in-law and the dog and how often we may be back at my wife's aunt's duplex after we move? I would guess somewhat often.

But those things remain to be seen.

also chances this town house could be equity and a transition to a home finally. Maybe we will be able to buy one when the market will be a Buyers market instead of the crap we've endured in a Seller's market when we started looking back in December/January.