Thursday, May 30, 2019

OT: Dead to Me (Netflix Dramedy)

I just binged all 10 episodes from Season 1 which came out on May 3rd on Netflix.

And the length in them average around 30 minutes, so it went pretty quick and easy.

So it's a show with Sitcom-length episodes, but is it a Sitcom? not really. It's a Dramedy done in shorter segments than a lot of Dramedies.

It really does get quite dark, which is why the comparison to Breaking Bad and/or Now and Again I think fits to a degree.

Christina Applegate almost overacts or just is highly vehemently full of rage at times, so much so I wonder if it has a 2nd season, her character Jennifer may either have an intervention or go to Anger Management.

But I agree with many comments about maybe the strength of this show is the chemistry/connection between her and Linda Cardellini's character Judy.

Liz Feldman is the creator and she was also behind among others, Two Broke Girls which I can see. Feldman has a knack for writing cynical female comedic characters. Although Applegate I have felt ever since the end of Married With Children has a very similar style of witty sarcasm that both Lauren Graham and Jenna Elfman have. And if it were to go to a 2nd season, it would be cool to see either of those 2 guest star.

But the humor and pop-culture references along with some of the secondary characters and elements (the music. Applegate's character even gets therapy from what sounds like Metalcore in her car, lol),

The music like The Cars "Drive" and "You (Sacred) Thing" from Hot Chocolate (used in a Church) are among the fun/funny use of music.

How Season 1 ended? I get why they had a cliffhanger with a character finding an unfortunate fate, but the main story premise/arc happens towards the end of the 9th episode.

I mean I guess there are a lot more they can do with the investigation of Jennifer's husband Ted's death. I suspect it may come to happen that he either was forced onto the road or it was a suicide, because if you went running or walking, especially in the middle of the night, you would still not walk in the middle of the road.

Coming from someone who actually experienced that very thing as a driver many years ago, late 1 night. The person I hit, was a walked-out and unsupervised mental patient who had no idea it would be a problem to just walk with his back to traffic in the middle of the road.

Also Jennifer's oldest son dealing the drugs? there could easily be more to explain why or even how did that. Other than to lash out at her.

And the dude whose car Jennifer wacked with a golf club. That dude needs to get justice. We need to meet him too.

And the woman "Bambi" who Ted had an affair with. I would go for them bringing her back and allow Jennifer to give her a piece of her mind.

And Ed Asner's character I wish had been more used as he provided a lot of good comic-relief.

Also the black dude in the Grief Group I kind of liked, but he was not used all that much the 2nd half of the season. They ought to go back to another 1 of those RandR retreat weekends and bring him in.

It's stuff like this that a 2nd season could explore, but if the primary premise is going to go in other places. Feldman in 1 interview said if there is a 2nd season, we may see kind of a role-reversal between Jennifer and Judy, largely due to what happens at the very end of the last episode.