Friday, June 15, 2018

Bend Sinister - "I Do" + Kevin Gilbert "Shrug" (+ Giraffe)

So this track "I Do" from the new Bend Sinister album Foolish Games is 1 of many tracks I've been enjoying on it. But I can't help but think of Kevin Gilbert's "Shrug (Because of Me and You)" and the previous incarnation of that tune from Giraffe "Because of You."

I mean musically and even lyrically they aren't identical in message and tone in many ways. On both songs/versions from Kevin, they are more cynical and criticizing of someone, as opposed to Bend Sinister which seem to be more thankful and I guess positive in a lot of ways.

But the repeated "Because of You" I guess per my obsession and time spent listening to those 2 songs Kevin did, I keep hearing at this point, the "All Because of You' from Shrug and the song from Giraffe.

Actually a remix of 2 of them or all 3 might be cool. I could try with a little time, effort and maybe some software (at KFAI if I ever went back there sometime and found time to do it/reserve the studio).

As far as do I think Bend Sinister and Dan Moxon know the Kevin Gilbert tune? fat chance they even have heard his name. But o well, maybe they could.