Saturday, June 30, 2018

Josh King - Into the Blue (2017-2018) [RIYL: House of Fools]

6/30/18 12:30PM

Article  from popmatters mentioning the August 17th release date.

These 2 tracks below are good, although not surprised how they are not exactly like House of Fools. But just having his voice reminds me how much I love and could go for more House of Fools music.

He cites Jackson Browne, Simon and Garfunkel, and Tom Petty as inspirations for his songwriting, cheekily interjecting, "#WWTPD."

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As passionate fan of Josh's with House of Fools I am naturally curious to check this debut album out from him.

Yeah, it's being done per Kickstarter, which per the Goal and time, it seems quite likely to be a success.

I guess a lot of my interest is the fact we haven't seen a new House of Fools album since 2012, so I'm wondering if some of the best songwriting ideas could come on this.

Granted, I do know House of Fools are still active and are working on a new album, but maybe with a lot of song ideas, not all of those tunes will end up as HoF tracks. And maybe most importantly, this thing is already recorded, mixed, mastered and will definitely be coming out soon.

The next House of Fools album? who knows right now.

Also the projected time frame is APRIL 2018 per the pledge section.



Greensboro, North Carolina native Josh King needs your help to release his full-length album! As the longtime front man of the nationally touring rock band House of Fools, King has been running the musical gambit for 15 years and recently decided to record and release a solo effort. With the album already fully tracked, mixed, and mastered, King is turning to you, his friends and fans, to help with the final details. A variety of pre-order packages are available here at Kickstarter and the exclusive 
content will be updated frequently!