Wednesday, January 4, 2017

MinistryofMusic YouTube Channel [Video about the Hiatus]

Not sure how many people read or find this blog have found Alex's YouTube Channel, but I imagine there could be some.

As I explain in this relatively short video, Alex has not made a new video for nearly 2 months, which given he went well over a year making pretty much 2 every day, was kind of unusual.

And then in December he privatized all 1000 of his videos, which also kind of raised a red flag.

No explanation.

Which as I mentioned in this video, is perfectly fine given it's his channel, etc Things happen, and he isn't required to keep them up nor even offer anything as to why.

But as a fan, like many of the subscribers to Ministry of Music, it certainly is different without him making videos of late.  But we'll see hopefully eventually as to what the future holds for his channel and everything.

He's on Social Media including YouTube at least, but he does seem to be keeping a lower profile since this happened.

I guess if he never comes back, like I mentioned, maybe some other channels like my own will have to try and pick up the slack in our prolific-ness, which I may somewhat, but my 2017 Outlook is unclear with a lot of LIFE things still factoring in. Although perhaps making videos like this one, outside of my home could increase some of my activity. We'll see.

Oh and as I posted in the description box on the Video:

I give my 2 Cents about MinistryofMusic's channel and current hiatus, etc.

MinistryofMusic's Channel:

Edit: He has Almost 2000 Subscribers, not almost 1800.

And he made a little over 500 Album Reviews, at least just scanning the list I was keeping here: