Saturday, November 12, 2016

Phil Collins + Mike and Tony (but not Peter) Tour in 2017? (Genesis reunion)

Not sure how to treat this.

a) The search per Google ends showing a Post Date of July, 17, 2010. However I don't see a date on the story, and the comments are new at the bottom.

b) assuming this is true, no Peter Gabriel of course isn't surprising, but disappointing, and the same about Steve Hackett of course.

c) even if this does happen, odds are it won't hit Minnesota of course. But that also remains to be announced. If somehow it does, I will certainly try and go.

d) Gabriel's quote is of course hard to get all that excited for since beyond the 1 new song from that soundtrack, no new material really has come in recent years. And the I/O hope seems low as well, but I recall Peter said something about the songs written for that album don't really hold up now in an interview a few years ago.

"According to reports, Phil Collins will reunite with some of the members of his old band Genesis for an epic reunion tour! He is planning the tour for next year and reports are saying that rehearsals have already gotten underway! Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford wil be going to join Phil for the tour, but former frontman Peter Gabriel will not." 
Peter Gabriel has revealed this: "Tomy, Mike and Phil are rehearsing now. I'm not involved in this round or this year. I haven't ruled out the possibility of doing something in the future, but right now I'm going to focus on my own work."