Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Reign of Kindo: Patreon. 2nd track "City of Gods"

new song "City of Gods" posted for the subscribers. Proggy as hell in the middle.

9/20/16 10:30PM

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The band posted something within the last month about new music finally coming soon, and this is it. Am I surprised? not incredibly. I signed up, mainly because I love this band and want to support them. I just downloaded the 1st song of many as they explain in the video below. Song is titled "Human Convention."

I haven't listened to it yet, per my fiancee is on the phone.

Of course our wedding is only 4 days away now, so my focus on this stuff isn't what it is normally, but once the wedding is over, I hopefully can get back to all this stuff.

But for now, I wanted to pass this along anyone who may not have seen. The Reign of Kindo is a favorite of mine, and really should have a much larger following than they do. But we'll see if this new platform will be quite helpful for them to make music and not worry so much about costs of making it, etc.

And of course, at some point they tour as much if not more than they are. The Dear Hunter and them someday should tour, at least if the stars allign. And they should play in Minnesota as I know a ton of people in town who are fans, and even were of This Day and Age back in the day.

And with The Dear Hunter in Minnesota would be just perfect to happen. Spring 2017? I'm just wishing for. If it does? maybe it'll feel like fate, if it happens in a year or 2, I still will be overjoyed.

Also I may post a new entry for each song, or maybe I'll try and do what I did with the Three entry back in 2014 and just bump this with each new track.

edit: finally checked it out. Catchy as hell at times. Love the synths.

The time has come.
New music available now. Download 'Human Convention' for free.
Visit to get it and learn things. 
We're trying something new.

Original hand-painted artwork by Jeffrey Peter Dickash.

Spread the news all over everyone's faces.
We love you.