Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mike Portnoy interviewed by That Drummer Guy

Just checking this out as I post this. I'm incredibly happy for Josh to finally get to interview Mike, something I can't even help but envious and jealous as well.

All the years on his forum, both Josh and even longer for myself.

naturally a lot of it is about the new Neal Morse Band album The Similtitude of a Dream, which Portnoy has been talking about a ton over the last several months.

Of course my situation with it being my only experience with Neal's solo music, the Christian element, Christian lyrics have had me shy-ed away from it. But I dunno, I may have to check it out after all the glowing comments (although I could have said the same about many of Neal's other solo/NMB albums as well).

I may try and edit a few more comments about this later once I've heard the whole interview, but again, this is really a great thing to happen for Josh. I dunno, perhaps it will lead to more interviews with Mike Portnoy in the future, which will only grow Josh's success with That Drummer Guy, which I'm totally happy to see.

edit: probably the biggest news from this interview is Mike has a new "Secret Project" in the works. I wonder if any of these 3 people might be involved:
Mikael Akerfeldt
Daniel Gildenlow
Jim Matheos

also possibly Casey Crescenzo. Someone on Mike's forum mentioned possibly a Power-Pop group with the likes of Casey, Roger Joseph Manning Jr and Matt Bissonette.  One can dream?


Steven Wilson
Devin Townsend
Mike Portnoy

Daniel Gildenlow?
Mikael Akerfeldt?