Tuesday, September 6, 2016

REACT TO: Top 10 Yes Songs of the 1970's (Teamrock + Ultimateclassicrock)

The lists are below. I don't think I have done a Yes SONGS list, but I recall an ALBUMS list here May 21, 2015

And while the lists from both of these sites aren't terrible, they are hardly reflective of my favorites nor most of the huge Yes fans favorites. Team Rock which has the "prog" contingent given they publish PROG magazine, did not include anything from Relayer,  yet they include 2 songs from the album that followed it Going for the One. Wakeman-bias?

I guess seeing those, just to play along, here's MY guestimation of my Top 10+ Yes songs just from the 1970's:

1. The Gates of Delirium
2. Heart of the Sunrise
3. Ritual
4. Southside of the Sky
5. Turn of the Century
6. Soundchaser
7. Siberian Khatru
8. Perpetual Change
9. The Remembering
10. To Be Over
11. Release, Release
12. Close to the Edge
13. The Revealing Science of God
14. Starship Trooper
15. Yours is No Disgrace
16. On the Silent Wings of Freedom
17. Parallels

Team Rock Top 10 Yes Songs of the 70's

1) Close to the Edge
2) Awaken
3) Heart of the Sunrise
4) Yours is No Disgrace
5) Roundabout
6) The Revealing Science of God
7) Starship Trooper
8) Going for the One
9) On the Silent Wings of Freedom
10) Astral Traveller

ultimate classic rock's list

1) Roundabout
2) I've Seen All Good People
3) Long Distance Runaround
4) Close to the Edge
5) Starship Trooper
6) Time and a Word
7) And You and I
8) The Gates of Delirium
9) Heart of the Sunrise
10) America