Friday, September 9, 2016

Mike Portnoy's Shattered Fortress @ PPUSA 2017

Go to 8:40.

Happy for MP and PPUSA. Although I thought it was planned that the whole 12-Step Suite will be played at Cruise to the Edge for Portnoy's 50th Birthday Bash, etc.

I guess the roster of musicians and what kind of set list they'll play beyond the 12-Step Suite I'd be curious about.

But not much chance I'll be going, even despite my wedding long gone, etc. It's more of a $ thing and there's a number of other trips with the soon to be wife, that I'd foresee being more in my cards.

But for those who do go, this should be cool to witness, just as Cruise to the Edge, and the stuff this weekend. At least some friends have streamed some of the stuff on FB, so I kind of feel like I'm there in a way.

Also kind of ironic all those years talking about ProgPower USA on Mike'a forum, and now he's finally going to be playing there. He I guess is attending the festival, mainly for Fates Warning with John Arch going on as I type this out.

I do wonder if any of the Dream Theater guys will consider showing up. Jordan I wonder about as I thought I recall Portnoy mentioning being in some good relations/communication with Jordan.

ProgPower USA XVIII Roster Presentation from ProgPower USA on Vimeo.