Tuesday, August 25, 2015

uneXpect - 1996-2015 (R.I.P.)

Montreal based Experimental/Exteme/Theatrical/Progressive metal band uneXpect are calling it a day, at least for the time being.

I guess I can't be totally surprised by this, per the length of time between their records and a lot less activity the last 3 years. Their last record, Fables of the Sleepless Empire came out in 2011, and I remember it took awhile and they had to do a lot to get it out.

However, I was actually anticipating a new album from them next year, just given how long it's been since their last work. But given their lack of activity on social media, it's not all that unexpected really, but still it is sad as they were quite a unique and original band. Blending genres well, often when you wouldn't think they would work. And they included a female singer who growled which is somewhat rare, especially when they did it.

I did get to see them live once at least, which was quite a memorable show at The Entry. I want to say in either 2008 or 2009. I remember they played in Minnesota at least 1 or maybe 2 other times, one was at the Flight of the Valkyrie's Female Metal festival at Station 4, that fell on the same night Fair to Midland was playing at The Rock and I had to pick which show to see.

I ended up seeing Fair to Midland, who are also sadly no more, but given how many times I saw them, maybe I should have gone to see uneXpect instead, I dunno. Then again, festival vs a headliner plus a couple of openers? The Rock vs Station 4? etc it's all in the past now.

Also a little ironic how they are now broken up, and yet SikTh are back together? It would have been cool for the 2 bands to do a bill together? who knows. I may have to check out some of the projects the members are doing now/in the future linked below.

Facebook post

----------French version lower in the text---------
Greetings everyone !
We realize it's been more than a while since we last gave some official news about our current endeavors. Like most of you probably noticed, in the last three years, we've been mostly inactive and gave rare news. To make a short story, we thought a lot about the band's future over those last three years and though we're still all good friends, we felt that it was time to put the key under the doormat of our laboratory and experiment different paths.
We now all have personal projects that needs attention and takes time and we feel that we need to focus on those for the time being.
We want to warmly thank everybody who followed us through our musical journey over the years and who helped us in any ways. Our music has always been done out of passion and a profound belief in musical integrity, and in all of our travels/tours were we got to meet our public, that's what we felt more than anything... a passionate crowd. You guys gave us an incredible and memorable ride!!
On another note, some of us have been keeping themselves busy musically:
You can follow Chaoth's project 'Vvon Dogma I' on Facebook :
...and see a video of some rehearsals and writing process for their first album coming up in 2016 !!
As for Landryx, he joined the band Decadawn :
...and is now part of a project named Endvade :
So thanks again for those epic years of musical adventures and keep on encouraging open-mindedness in all its forms !
Peace !
- Unexpect

Bonjour à tous !
Nous réalisons qu'il s'est maintenant passé bien des lunes depuis nos dernières nouvelles à propos de nos activités. Comme la plupart d'entre vous l'aurons probablement remarqué au courant des 3 dernières années, nous avons largement été assez inactif et n'avons donné que de rares nouvelles. Pour faire une histoire courte, nous avons pensé longuement au futur du groupe pendant cette période et bien que nous sommes tous de très bons amis, nous avons ressenti qu'il était temps de mettre la clé sous le tapis d'entrée de notre laboratoire et d'expérimenter d'autres avenues.
Nous avons tous des projets personnels qui demandent de l'attention et du temps et nous considérons que nous devons nous concentrer sur ceux-ci.
Nous tenons à remercier chaleureusement tout le monde qui nous a suivi au travers des années de notre périple musical et qui a pu nous aider d'une façon ou d'une autre. Notre musique a toujours été conçu passionnément avec une croyance profonde en l'intégrité musicale, et dans toutes ces tournées/voyages ou nous avons pu rencontrer notre public, c'est ce que nous avons ressenti de votre part...des individus passionnés. Vous nous avez offert un parcours incroyable et mémorable !!
Sur une autre note, certains d'entre nous sont restés occupés au niveau musical.
Vous pouvez suivre Chaoth et son projet 'Vvon Dogma I' sur Facebook :
...et voir un vidéo de pratiques/processus de création pour leur premier album dû pour 2016 !!
Pour ce qui est de Landryx, il s'est entre autre joint au groupe Decadawn :
...et fait aussi parti d'un projet nommé Endvade :
Encore merci pour ces épiques années d'aventures musicales et continuez d'encourager l'ouverture d'esprit sous toutes ses
formes !
Peace !
- Unexpect