Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Basics - The Age of Entitlement (2014-2015) (Gotye)

New album actually released tomorrow August 14th from Gotye's band The Basics. I remember liking some of their music when I checked them out back in 2011. Not as much as his solo stuff of course, but regardless. The track below "Roundabout," posted in July, is pretty catchy.

The Basics Age Entitlement Artwork.jpg

1. Whatever Happened To The Working Class?   3:31
2. A Coward's Prayer   4:49
3. Roundabout   2:57
4. Time Poor   2:24
5. Good Times, Sunshine!   2:38
6. Every Part Of Me   3:20
7. To Think Of You   2:54
8. Ashleigh Wakes   3:25
9. Tunaomba Saidia   3:37
10. Hey Rain!   3:50
11. Feels Like Love   5:13

12. I'm A Woman (Waterfront bonus track) 3:34
13. Gimme Some Lovin' (Live at the Corner Hotel) (Waterfront bonus track) 3:09
14. Jailbreak (Live at the Corner Hotel) (Waterfront bonus track) 5:32
15. Call It Rhythm & Blues (Live at the Corner Hotel) (Waterfront bonus track) 4:04
16. My Old Mate (iTunes bonus track) 3:07
17. The Lucky Country (Live from the Truck) (iTunes bonus track) 4:06

August 14th is a pretty busy day for new albums:

The Basics
Miracles of  Modern Science
Mother Falcon
Dead Letter Circus