Friday, August 7, 2015

Gatherer - Heavy Hail (2014-2015)

8/7/15 6:51AM

It's released today. Hopefully some alternatives will be available soon as well, for us who don't use the ego-fruit store.

8/5/15 6:03AM
Stream HEAVY HAIL here

On sale on Friday.

Very dense stuff, but it's still engaging.

also the Vinyl is listed finally

6/9/15 11:18PM

August 7th is the release date. Also embedded below is another new track "Killer" which even on a low volume with the AC blowing loud next to me sounds awesome (it's easily 80+ degrees in my fiancee's place right now).

Rather industrial again, but poppy and heavy of course.

Damn I can't wait for this thing...maybe a little bit of a sleeper as well..(maybe I need to make a current "Sleeper" list, lol).

5/11/15 1:11AM

Another new song snd video for"The Machine"..trippy video with a lot of interlacing and distorted images of what I suspect is just the band playing.

The song itself is another incredibly dense track, but still seems to work well. I can only say this adds to my optimism about this record.

4/7/15 8:40PM

Dig the new track "Sensational Creations"!..even as different as it is, with a lot of CLEAN distortion (which sounds like a contradiction in terms, but it somehow makes sense with these guys and their sound/production). Although, "High Fives" embedded below was kind of different, with some new styles incorporated I recall (electronic).

So Be It, their debut record from 2012 was and still remains one of the best albums this decade.

Also another note, they have uploaded and made available digitally their 2 EPs when they were known as This City Sunrise HERE, which even as different and extreme/chaotic as they are, I still really enjoy. And I think more people would enjoy if they are just catching on to Gatherer.

We’re super pumped to finally share Sensational Creations, from our new record Heavy Hail.
It aint easy writing hardout riffs like this and it has been a monumental few years of thick and thin to knock the bastard off. We couldn’t be more stoked with the end result, thanks for listening!