Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Prog Report 1990-2015 Prog Albums List; MY retro-fave albums coming?


I'll refrain by going too into detail about this list. It has a lot of predictable albums, and then some surprising.

And in some of these extensive lists both on sites like TPR and Absolutepunk.net for example, I've been getting anxious to make some of the lists I've been planning.

But in the process, I came up with another interesting approach to doing this. Sort of both shorter and longer. But if all goes well, something will be published in the next few days if not sooner.

I guess to go slightly more into detail; I'm thinking of doing sort of a year-by-year favorites from 3.5-5-stars just to limit to albums I definitely enjoy a fair amount, to all-time favorites. Minimal blurbing per the interest of time. I guess I'll see how it goes.

Maybe one of the interesting things about it is I'm including the release dates, to sort of retro-album of the year race in a way.

And in this process, I am thinking of starting at the year 1980. Why that is, is maybe down the road I'll try doing the 1970's and even late 1960's. But admittedly, the bulk of my taste roots is in the 70's (although not the majority of the music I love historically), but to put it better, the heart of prog rock was in the 70's.

I dunno, maybe I'll regret starting with 1980, but I'll have to go back eventually then.