Friday, July 10, 2015

Dead Letter Circus - Aesthesis (2014-2015)

No time to add more right now, but I do like the new track.

Being released on August 14th down under, but who knows in North America? maybe not until 2016..we'll see. I still like these guys, after my initial excitement kind of died down a little with their last record.

Facebook Announcement

Our new album 'Aesthesis' will be released in Australia & New Zealand on August 14, via UNFD. The first single from the album is "While You Wait", and you can watch the brand new video for that at the link below.

Pre-Orders have launched for the album over at24Hundred and on iTunes. You can get Vinyl, Skateboards, CDs, Merch and tickets to an exclusive acoustic performance via the 24H bundles. 

24 Hundred -
iTunes -

Watch the "While You Wait" video

1. In Plain Sight
2. While You Wait
3. The Burning Number
4. Silence
5. Y A N A
6. The Lie We Live
7. Show Me
8. X
9. Change The Concept
10. Born (Part 2)