Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Battles - La Di Da Di (2014-2015)

Not that I'm highly excited for this album as I found their last album Gloss Drop, from 2011 rather forgettable. They missed Tyondai Braxton terribly, and by all accounts, it doesn't seem he will be involved with this record either.

But, I do enjoy Mirrored a lot from 2007, and still hold optimism about them making more music. I just worry if they will not have any vocals/vocal-effect how it will sound ultimately (or who they have, and who and how the writing of the vocals are)

9/17/15 Release Date


1 The Yabba
2 Dot Net
3 FF Bada
4 Summer Simmer
5 Cacio e Pepe
6 Non-Violence
7 Dot Com
8 Tyne Wear
9 Tricentennial
10 Megatouch
11 Flora > Fauna
12 Luu Le