Thursday, July 23, 2015

10-Years Ago: The Receiving End of Sirens - Between the Heart and the Synapse PODCAST

7/23/15 6:38AM
Part 3. A lot of stuff about tours and Casey.

6/12/15 6:38AM

Part 2!

5/15/15 2:38PM

Part 1 of "The Lost Tape" documentary. Unclear if "The Lost Tape" refers to just this documentary, or some music that may eventually come out as well.

4/17/15 2:30PM

This is a new episode of a podcast titled Voice and Verse, and in this episode, it has the host chatting with Brendan Brown and Nate Patterson of The Receiving End of Sirens for over an hour about TREOS landmark debut album Between the Heart and the Synapse, which next week marks the 10-year anniversary of its release.

An album, I don't know how much of my backstory I've ever shared in detail in this blog, although I know TREOS were 1 of the bands I mentioned in 1 of my 1st posts.

And of course, no time at the moment to do that, but if/;when hopefully I find that time, I would like to as this is an all-time favorite of mine. And it also introduced me to Casey Crescenzo who was doing and of course later went on to do full-time, his project The Dear Hunter.

But as far as the podcast, it does have Brendan and Nate talk about the history of TREOS, this album, the making/recording with Panic at the Disco and a lot of other good info and nostalgia.

I guess the only thing I wish had happened, was the host asked them about TREOS now, any chance of a reunion album/ or more shows (they have done a few here and there over the years), or that live DVD that was supposed to happen that as far as I know, has not unfortunately.

That and I'll bring up, the fact as much as I adore this album, the cymbals do still clip,  but that is ,me. The question about things they'd change, I would love to ask any of them about that, but then again, it frequently seems to be me MY EARS and my issue, more than most others.