Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Grape and the Grain (Solo/Side project of Daniel Grimsland of THREE)

I was introduced to this band/project of Daniel Grimsland of the band Three per Facebook, and I must say, its got something. "The Hudson" is I guess the most recent released work from The Grape and the Grain, but it appears they also put out a debut LP earlier this year titled Better Keep Digging, which I embedded from their Bandcamp as well below.

I haven't checked out the full length record yet, but the new single "The Hudson" and a 2nd/b-side titled "Lord I'm coming Home," I am enjoying. It's pretty ballsy, guitar driven blues-rock. I am reminded maybe a bit of a band like Hotel of the Laughing Tree in their heavy-blues moments, and even a little of older school hard rock/metal in some ways. The guitar work is tasteful, using lines that fit well. I suppose that is a big element of Bluesy kind of rock anyway.

Does it sound like Three? eh, maybe a little here and there, but I think it stands out enough to not realize it's their bass player.

Anyway, I haven't heard the full-length yet, but mean to. Right now, I gotta finish up some other posts and then head down to Northfield to see Miracles of Modern Science finally. But I'll by some miracle, lol, be able to get back to taking more of this project's music in, and hopefully some others will as well.

edit: Just based on their name, I could see The Grape and the Grain doing a good double bill with someone like Erick Serna Killing Floor or Trent Romens. Perhaps Daniel even knows Erick still as Three did tour with The Dear Hunter more than once.