Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Media Addicts RIP


Hello world. Media Addicts plays its FINAL show tomorrow night (12/19) at the Artists' Quarter in St. Paul. It is a send-off to our dear friend Billy G.- guitarist for Media Addicts, as he will be moving to a bigger pond down the road (L.A.) in the coming months. Eric Miller, our original drummer, has also moved on to bigger and better things, whose part will be played by the great Jendeen Forberg. FYI, the first set will be an open jazz set with guests of Billy's choosing, then Media Addicts will hit immediately following. Again, this is your last chance to see this great band. Music starts @ 9pm

I can't be really all that surprised by this given I knew their drummer was leaving with his wife back to Montana anyway, after speaking with him at their CD Release show a few months ago. And one key member goes, it's never easy to replace them (why I am a little worried about The Book of Right On as well unfortunately..see Painted in Exile and some others whose progress has slowed since losing a band member).

And with Billy also going, I don't see how they are still a band, at least for now. Maybe a reunion will happen at some point. O well, damn.

I might add, here's another example of a far too talented and interesting group that NOBODY caught on to, save for some of the people in town who follow the Jazz scene. And I will fully confess I am guilty of not catching on to them early enough, as it really took til about 9 months ago where I fully got into them. I had their cd Elsewhere for a few years, and even saw it at KFAI, but I really wished I had seen them more often live and knew that album while they were still around.

I imagine there is these guys music, in whatever form, that may come in the future. Maybe David (sax) and Brent (bass) could form a new group? or maybe they could hook up with Mike Linden and JP from The Super Pilots who also are kind of not at a full-strength now here in Minnesota? IT'S WISHFUL THINKING I'll admit, but if the world somehow worked magic like I'd like, that maybe could happen.

Anyway, I shall attend their final show tomorrow night and maybe get a little more insight into what future they all may have music or otherwise.  And of course I will continue to enjoy both Elsewhere and their latest Autonomy, which finished rather high on my 2012 Index.

I will add though, I should credit my girlfriend with situations like these, as she's not crazy about getting attached to BANDS/GROUPS but instead SOLO ARTISTS. That way, this stuff is unlikely to occur.