Friday, December 7, 2012

Forest Park - Golden (Official Video, 10 minutes)

FOREST PARK "Golden" (2012) from Jarratt Taylor on Vimeo.

Oh man, I feel really dumb for not knowing about this video. Forest Park are a band I have posted about a few times this year, and I'll confess, I'm getting through the final submission of the 2012 Index, I found this video in revisiting info about them.

It is for the entire length of the song, which is over 10 minutes. But I think it captures the song wonderfully. This footage of I think all 4 members of this band connecting in different ways, some in nature, some with art, some with just hanging out and enjoying relaxation together.

Forest Park I really can't say enough good things about. I wonder if a lot more fans could catch on to them soon, especially who enjoy Post Rock that uses dreamy female vocals and trumpet. Maybe this video and things in 2013 will lead to that.